Solutions to physical blockages in Violin and Viola playing based on establishing the natural balances and horizontal movements and not vertical pressure.

Solutions to Stage Fright based on the idea of “giving“ the music to the audience and not the presentation of a personal achievement.


Unfold your full potential as a musician.

Caroline Duffner has a beautiful and convincing way to teach and has a good

pedagogic basis for the Kato Havas method. She has been invited by ESTA-Italy for her

renowned professional experience. Numerous teachers and students have taken part in

her courses, continuing to be interested in her brilliant way of teaching.


Satu Jalas


(violin professor, granddaughter of Jean Sibelius)

Course languages: English, Italian, German  

Assistance for Professionals

Are you a professional musician and are battling the usual aches and pains that unfortunately accompany our profession?


The Havas New Approach can really help you to eliminate any kind of physical or mental blockages.

Coaching for students

The new Approach for Students and Amateurs bases on the System of Kato Havas.

Continuous progress through establishing the fundamental balances and mind and body coordination.



Introduction from Kato Havas twelve lesson course book:
In my book “A New Approach to Violin Playing”, I tried to explain that the technique I am expounding “is not to be regarded as some sudden mushroom discovery, totally new revolutionary, in the sense of a patent medicine. Many of the most important elements are derived from the teachings of the great masters of the past, to whom I pay glad and grateful homage. What I do claim is that these elements have been, through slow experience, integrated into a new form, a working system that may well have been touched upon accidentally and in part by others before me, but has not, to my knowledge, ever been formulated before.”
The wide interest in that little book and the enthusiasm of the many teachers and players who came in contact with this Approach made it necessary for me to continue with more detailed explanations.
I must add that although many of the most important elements of this Approach are derived from the teachings of great masters, the difference between this and the conventional methods begins in the very foundations. So, in order to try and convey a thorough understanding, I have decided to set down a seres of twelve lessons from the beginning, with the appropriate exercises.   

online lessons



Because of Covid19 I have been teaching my students online, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results.


There are certain advantages in taking lessons online, but I had to teach in a very different way-less hands on and more visual and descriptive.