The new Approach for Students and Amateurs bases on the System of Kato Havas.

Continuous progress through establishing the fundamental balances and mind and body coordination.


Solutions to tension and blockages caused by faulty use of muscles through specific exercises.

Guidance all the way to becoming a musician and prof. musician not only acquiring technical know-how, but developing what I call the “inner ear”.

Preparation for exams.


Are you a student or maybe an Amateur to whom playing the Violin-Viola is very important?

Are you suffering from aches and pains so many of us unfortunately experience and have to or want to practice a lot?


Or maybe you just can’t get past some technical limitations you are experiencing and have to do exams?

Do you have Stage Fright, I mean the kind of crippling, destructive Stage Fright?


Do you want to do auditions and need specific coaching for this?

Or maybe you are an Amateur and simply want to enjoy making Music?


However, it is, the Havas New Approach offers concrete solutions, in order to be able to continue and progress in your studies without any such blockages I described above.

I this way you can really progress with giant steps.


Once you establish the fundamental balances a free somewhat floating movement and a beautiful tone becomes a reality.

Balances instead of pressure and counter pressure on your instrument and learning horizontal movements are a very important part of this work.

What is more the feeling of not holding a violin and a bow is very important for a sense of free movement, and getting away from an idea of a fixed posture as such.


The Havas New Approach offers specific exercises to establish flexibility in both hands and joints, something vitally important to any student.

There are also concrete solutions to Stage Fright, the most important thing I feel is training the “inner ear “, which is by its nature always a step ahead.

In such a way a colorful, musical way of playing is made possible, and the imagination of the violinist enhanced.

At the same time, we are working on the physical coordination and the idea of “giving” to the public to be internalized and part of us, so that there is simply no time to be nervous.

This by the ay is a quote that made Kato Havas famous.” No time to be nervous”.



I offer individual coaching, chamber music coaching, online lessons but also coaching for students for their masters and bachelor’s degrees in coordination with the Associated board of the Royal schools of music in London.