Are you a professional musician and are battling the usual aches and pains that unfortunately accompany our profession?

The Havas New Approach can really help you to eliminate any kind of physical or mental blockages.

I myself am a prof. musician and very grateful for getting to know this unique Approach at a very young age.

When I was 17 years old, I had a bad case of tendinitis. And went to England to study with Kato Havas.

Later on, in spite of the challenges of being a full-time orchestra musician I never had any such problems, but not only that.

Because of all of the newly found freedom of movement and technical possibilities I was able to play the way I always had wanted to.

In the meantime, I am Representative of the new Approach in Austria and see it more and more as my mission to pass on my knowledge and continue the legacy of my late teacher.

Kato herself always started by giving people a 12-lesson course that is also available as a book.

I do believe alas, a book does not replace a tailormade individual coaching, but is a good supplement.


Why a 12-lesson course?

The goal is, in the course of 12 lessons to give students suitable totals in order to be able to continue working independently.

The work is very extensive, but I would like to emphasize a few points.

Establishing the fundamental balances instead of pressure and counterpressure

Elasticity the joints

Complete relaxed coordination.


Many musicians suffer from Stage Fright and Kato Havas found this topic so important that she decided to wright a book on it.

Meanwhile this book has become famous and offers the following solutions:

Working from inside out and the difference between the inner ear which is always a step ahead and the listening back to oneself are only a few points.

I recommend taking a 12- lesson course first and then studying with me on a regular basis.

I teach in my studio but also online


In the middle of the current corona crisis my online course is an excellent opportunity to use this difficult time to develop as a player.