Online lessons

Because of Covid19 I have been teaching my students online, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results.

There are certain advantages in taking lessons online, but I had to teach in a very different way-less hands on and more visual and descriptive.

I had many requests from musicians from all over the world to explore solutions to Tension and Stage Fright, a problem which unfortunatly  is very common to Violin and Viola players.

The Havas  New Approach I have had the privilige to teach  for many years certainly offers solutions.

 I have been working for the last months to create an intensive online  course, not only dealing with these  problems, but putting all aspects of  Violin and Viola playing in  highly organized 6 or 12 lesson units.

A set homework after each lesson with the possibility to ask questions and send a short video for asessment is part of the course.

This way the student never feels alone or isolated like we all do to a greater or lesser extent in this crisis.

 Before and after finishing our work together we will have  a 30 minute video conversation so you are free to  ask any questions you may still have..

The goal of this course is to be able to play with freedom and enjoyment.


6 lesson course duration: 1 week or less


12 lesson course duration:2 weeks or less