Caroline Duffner:

Kato Havas was my violin Professor  and mentor and I have been teaching her new Approach for many years with great sucess.

 I decided to create an online 12 lesson course not only to  commerorate her 100th birthday ( she would have been 100 this year), but also to help players make use of the Covid 19  lockdown to develop their playing.

Kato wrote her book „ a 12 lesson course“ in the seventees, but as the N.A.always evolves you will find exiting new dicoveries in my online course.

All 12 units are highly organised, incorporating all aspects of violin playing with special emphasise on the release of tension and Stage Fright.

The 6 lesson course is also a good alternative,giving you an overall view of this Approach for starting out.

Players should never just follow instructions,but discussions and questions are highly encouraged.


This course is for students, prof.players, teachers or in fact anyone wanting to release their full musical potential and discover 
                          „FREEDOM To play"